Serving the best sushi and Japanese cuisine in Denver paired with refined hospitality in a multi-space atmosphere – come be loud, boisterous, and let go.




Kumoya, is a Japanese Kitchen and Sushi Restaurant, the passion project of renowned sushi chef Corey Baker in collaboration with Max Mackissock, located in the heart of LoHi. We specialize in traditional sushi and innovative izakaya-style dishes with a modern Japanese twist. Our kappo-style dining concept allows guests to curate their own culinary adventure. Chefs Corey Baker and Max Mackissock draw inspiration from Kaiseki cuisine, celebrating the seasons and micro-seasons inherent in sushi and Japanese cooking, resulting in a dynamic, ever-evolving menu.

At Kumoya, we prioritize technique, vibrant hospitality, and the use of exceptional ingredients—from the Japanese fish markets of Toyosu and Fukuoka to the finest Japanese and Colorado produce. Join us at Kumoya, where each dish tells a story, and every meal is a journey.

a story of friendship

Kumoya is the embodiment of a decade-long friendship between renowned sushi chef, Chef Corey Baker (BoozeHounds in Palm Springs, Izakaya Cabin in Crested Butte, Madame Ushi in Aspen), and Chef Max Mackissock, the Chief Culinary Officer of The Culinary Creative Group (A5, recognized by Michelin as a “Recommended Restaurant”; Ash’Kara, awarded Michelin’s Bib Gourmand; and Bar Dough, named Best Italian in Denver).

Their mutual admiration for each other’s craftsmanship led to a unique collaboration during a Pop Up at A5 Steakhouse, where they shared a culinary dialogue bridging the worlds of sushi and izakaya cuisine. Within the structural framework of Kaiseki, the rules and flow for the evening were set, and from this foundation, Kumoya was born.

The sourcing

Chefs Corey Baker and Max Mackissock’s dishes are a testament to the enduring farmer and purveyor relationships they have forged during their two decade careers. We source the freshest, highest-quality fish, flown in daily from renowned fresh fish markets in Toyosu and Fukuoka in Japan, accompanied by a selection of seasonal Japanese produce. In addition, Chef Corey and Chef Max have cultivated lasting connections with Colorado’s top-tier farmers, reinforcing Kumoya’s dedication to excellence and a menu that embraces the essence of each season.

chef corey baker

Chef Corey Baker, a Denver native, is a seasoned sushi master with over two decades of experience in the world of Japanese cuisine. His career includes the opening of fifteen sushi restaurants in Denver and recently, Chef Corey lent his expertise to high-profile consulting projects, where he successfully launched notable venues like BoozeHounds in Palm Springs, Izakaya Cabin in Crested Butte, and Madame Ushi in Aspen.

Kumoya embodies Chef Corey’s culinary aspirations—a place where boundaries are consistently pushed, and where there is freedom to work with the freshest seafood in the world and access to the finest quality Japanese and Coloradoan produce. His reputation is built on meticulous technique, an innate ability to anticipate diners’ wishes at the sushi counter, and a passion for pushing culinary limits.
“Being from Denver and personally opening fifteen Japanese restaurants, I understand that experience and community are at the heart of culinary excellence,” Chef Baker remarks. “At Kumoya, we are committed to continually redefining hospitality, infusing every guest’s experience with our unwavering passion, love, and meticulous attention to detail.”

Wes Zelio

Wes Zelio joins the Kumoya team with an impressive two-decade career in restaurant operations.
He began his journey in Denver in restaurants and after being at Tiffany & Co. as a trainer for many years, he wanted to return to the vibrancy of restaurants and found that the prestigious Los Angeles restaurant scene was the perfect landing spot. He found a passion working in restaurants ranging from izakayas to sushi, to kaiseki, including notable spots such as Katana on Sunset, the opening of En Japanese Brasserie’s Los Angeles outpost, Akatora in Manhattan Beach, Sushi Roku in Hollywood, and Mastro’s.
Wes’s path in restaurant operations has been defined by an unwavering commitment to excellence and a devotion to hospitality.

In his role as Kumoya and Bar Kumo’s General Manager, he embodies the spirit of mentorship, nurturing the talents of the dining room team. Wes’s true passion lies in the heartbeat of the restaurant, the diverse clientele, and the constant drive to expand his culinary knowledge.


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A 20% service charge is added to every bill which allows us to equitably compensate everyone that contributes to your Kumoya and Bar Kumo experience, from the back of house, to the front of house. Additional gratuity for exceptional service is greatly appreciated by your server but is not required or expected.